L&L Capital Partners - Corporate Finance and Related Services

L&L Capital Partners delivers advice and insight for corporate finance and related services.

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L&L Capital Partners, LLC utilizes its over 100 years experience to provide hands-on involvement in business and financial services to our clients. Through our built-up network of relationships, L&L Capital can provide resources and services that are valuable to our clients. L&L Capital can supply guidance and assist in putting the financial pieces together to ready a business for future growth and success. Emphasis is placed on value creation for all of our services. Below is a list of our available services.

In-House Expertise space Value Creation
• Balance Sheet Advice & Restructuring space • Identifying and structuring investment opportunities
• Bank & Other Credit Relationships space
• Business Plan Development & Review space
• Compensation & Benefits space • Raising capital either through direct investing and/or other private equity participation by financial institutions or high net worth individuals
• Equity/Debt Capital Fundraising space
• Fairness Opinions space
• Financial Structures space
• Initial Public Offerings space • Consulting and directing via a board position and/or advising on a special project basis
• Internet Adaptations space
• Investment Advice space
• Marketing Projects space • Positioning the company for a timely and successful exit
• Mergers & Acquisitions space
• Valuations space
The Insight Advisory Group